Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Make Your Own Shimmery Sprays

I had been in love with sprays when the Moonglo's first came out and with the advent of  (among others) glimmer mists and dylusions my addiction really took hold and I was keen to try making my own.

I purchased the Tim Holtz mini misters and loads of re-inkers - but while they were good.. they were too translucent and werent what I was looking for...I wanted a deeper, lusher colour like in the dylusions..... then a friend with a bountiful supply of Luminare Primary Elements Pigments suggested we try them... Nirvana!!

We bought a generous supply of spray bottles from ebay, and armed with jugs of water, Perfect Pearls, Primary Elements - we were in heaven!

So.. if you want to make your own.. this is what you'll need

Spray bottles - we used the 75ml ones from Here (no affiliation but they are good quality bottles and service is excellent)
Primary Artists Pigments by Luminarte
Perfect Pearls by Ranger
Paddle Pop stick

Using your paddle pop stick scoop up some pigments up on the end of the stick  and place in spray bottle - repeat with the perfect pearls (the colours below made a yummy magenta with gold shimmer)
We also found it worked better a.k.a. easier and less mess to put the powder in before the water

Top up almost to the top with water (leave room for the top - water level goes up when you add your spray top)

Now shake vigorously (imagine you are making cocktails vbg)

We found that one scoop of each is plenty...the pigments really are very rich in colour
Our batch was yellows with copper, red with gold, purple with gold, green with gold, orange with bronze etc.,

The white spray is a teaspoon of gesso, added three ball bearings (or solid beads) and top with water.  The ball bearings help keep the gesso from settling on the bottom too much.  All the mica's will settle to the bottom - but just give them a cha cha shake before you use them.

How well do they work (primary elements compared to others?)
This one was made using Dylusions 

and this one with the 'home made' sprays of pigments and pearls
bit hard to see the gold.. but it has lovely gold shimmer through it.. There is def a place for both dylusions and the home made.. sometimes I want shimmer.. sometimes just colour.. but I will def be using both types regularly.