Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Project and Giveaway

This month is a name badge... for all those times when you attend a workshop, craft show, club meet and the like and need a name badge.  You will see unlike this one to the right,  the sample I was working on hasn't had the name added... I decided to do a giveaway of the badge, and will add the winners name and post it to them .... just leave a comment between now and April 30 and we will draw the winner and post a couple of days later.


  • assortment of scrap papers.. this is a good project to use up all those bits and pieces of paper left over from other projects
  • slide mount.. you can use a cardstock or plastic one. If using a plastic one you need acrylic paint to paint it. if using cardstock we will cover it with paper.
  • an image to fit your slidemount
  • dark brown ink and sponge (I used Ranger Distress Ink Tea Dye)
  • strong glue
  • glue stick
  • double sided tape
  • embellishments of your choice
  • pin back
  • jigsaw puzzle bits, painted and stamped
  • letter tiles, or letter beads or your name printed out.
  • ATC sized peice of strong box board (also known as chipboard) or mat board

Step One
cover the front of your box board with your preferred paper.  If using a cardstock slide mount also cover the slide mount.  If using a plastic slidemount, paint it with a coat of gesso, then a couple of coats of  acrylic paint.  Dont brush it on, dab it on.. being plastic the paint will move with brush strokes, just pounce and dab it on and set aside to dry.  If you havent covered a slidemount with paper before you can find the instructions HERE

Step Two
with your brown ink, sponge around the edge of the board back,  plus the outer and inner edge of your slidemount.

Step Three
place your image in the slidemount and secure with double sided tape.  You can also cut the image out and have it coming out of the slide mount. (see pic)
With this one I glued her in on the back at the bottom, and secured her at the top with mounting foam to give it more depth like she was really leaning out of the mount.

Step Four
using your strong glue, secure the slide mount to your paper covered board... let it extend a little off the edge to add a little more interest

Step Five
Take your painted and stamped jigsaw bits and glue them in the open area to the left of your slidemount.  
If you havent altered jigsaw bits before the tutorial is HERE
Angle them down like the are 'falling' across the cardboard. I have also added some black bling dots on the mount.. .eyelets or brads also look good here.

Step Six
Glue the name letters, tiles etc., to the top of the jigsaw bits. The font I used to make my own scrabble tiles in Tilez, and is available free from DaFont Here
Just print out your name, glue to cardstock and cut them out.. then attach with mounting tape to give them the thickness of a tile.  

Tuck (with a little more glue) some beads around the name tiles and jigsaw pieces. (This one has a painted slide mount with the edges done with a silver Krylon pen and a little silver embossing on the side).. now just add a pin back and wear with pride!

Thats it!  leave a comment on this post and we will draw the winner on April 30th.  Then just contact us with how you would like your name spelt and I will post it to you.  Would love to see what you all make too.. if you make one of these and upload it to your blog, please leave the link when you comment so we can enjoy it too.