Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Project

Hi Guys,

Its my turn (Bevlea) to put up a tute/project this month but its been hectic beyond belief so I am running a bit late.

We just hosted our Creative Soul Retreat for 2010 with tutors Susan Lenart Kazmer, Laurie Mika and Jan Harris out here in Australia for four days with around 70 students.. the work leading up to it was full on .. while the retreat was huge success we were all a little burnt out energy wise in the aftermath so I am running late here.

I will upload the new tute over the weekend....but in the meantime, check out our funtastic retreat at we have some great slideshows there!

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  1. Congratulations on another successful day... someday I'll laugh and learn along with you...ever thought of introducing scholarships?!!!LOL I was only joking but now I think about it, maybe it would be a great way to promote!!!LOL
    I discovered Laurie's Blog through the stamping queen link to the retreat and I am so blessed I did she's an immensely talented and inspiring lady!!! Who's inspired me to try my hand at yet another medium!!! :) Actually I am not game to look at the slideshow for fear it'll fill my head with ideas and make me feel compelled to "play" at this late hour! :) I will definately look tomorrow and try to absorb some of the amazing creative energy you guys must have basked in!!! Thanking you in advance for sharing! LOL


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