Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tiled Shrine Box by Bevlea Ross

I know...its been AGES since we put something up... but I was making this over the weekend as a gift, and thought it would make a good project, so here it is. (there is a couple more things I plan to add to it including a scrolly thing at the top etc., but am waiting on them arriving via post so have put it up without them)

For the box you will need:

  • Three A4  pieces of strong chipboard or offcuts of matt board (from the framing shop) 
  • 3" square of any sort of paper or offcut of chipbord (its just a template piece)
  • Focal image for center of your shadowbox shrine (about 3 1/2" square)
  • 7 3/4" square piece of scrapbook paper or cardstock
  • Beaded fringe
  • Inkpad to age the edges of the tiles (I used Ranger Aged Paper but it depends on what colour theme you are using)
  • Blending sponge
  • Metal Ruler
  • craft knife/Stanley knife
  • assorted scrapbook papers, journal papers, embossed cardstock (I used cuttlebug folders on the sizzix) If you have old embossed wallpapers they are great use too
  • Acrylic paint -(I used Jo Sonja Warm White)
  • Gluestick
  • strong glue  ( I used Elmers)
Our steps are (1) partially complete box (2) make tiles (3) complete box (4) add tiles to box front

Constructing the box frame
  • Cut two pieces down to be a 7 3/4" square
  • With your third piece cut it into 1 1/4" strips and put aside.
  • Now take one of your 7 3/4" square pieces and rules a line from corner to corner to form a cross.  Do the same with the smaller 3" square.  Now place your 3" square on the larger piece and match up the lines. 
  • Once the lines are matched on the two pieces, your 3" square is perfectly in the middle.  Draw a line, around the edges of the 3" square.  Remove the 3" square and cut out the centre square with a craft knife or Stanley knife 
  • Take your 1 1/4" strips and cut to fit the sides of the inner square 
  • Do the same with the outer edges of your box with the remaining strips. 
  • Next up, take your smaller strips and glue them right up against the edge of the inner square.  If you get beads of glue just run your finger along to smooth it out.
  •  Now repeat this step going around the other edge to form the box.  You can't clamp here, just hold with your fingers till the glue grabs... make sure they are right up against the edges, it will alter the size and  look of your box if they aren't butted smoothly

  • Give it a few minutes to dry firmly and then give the inner and outer edges of the box with two coats of your acrylic paint. No need to paint the front as it will be totally covered with the tiles.
  •  Now you can put aside and we will start working on the tiles.

Making the Tiles

For the tiles backing board I used scraps of 300gsm watercolour paper, but you could use any strong board or paper.
The simplest way to cut tiles to fit your board is to create at template in paper and then cut it down into separate tiles..  This works better than giving tile sizes to cut as if your first measurements weren't totally exact the whole size could be a fraction off.

To do this, lay your  box on a piece of paper and trace around the outside edge, then the inner edge,  cut this out, including the centre square, and you now have an exact replica of your box.

Now cut these into separate pieces, starting with a big square on each corner, then cut the middle sides into two pieces, cut the top and bottom into two and if you want square tiles like I have done, cut in half again.  
when cutting the middle side bits, don't cut them straight down the middle, make one wider than the other.  

Same for the middle top and bottom.. if you want squares or very close to it, cut it lengthwise to give you one 1 1/2" strip, then cut this in half to give you two squares.. they will either be 1 1/2" square or very close to it...the remaining long strip is the third tile.
If you number these, then glue the whole thing (numbered size uppermost)  to your backing board before you cut it out, you have a 'plan' of how it goes back together.... 

Covering The Tiles

Remember, before attaching the tiles, you need to add the beaded fringe.... so dont glue your tiles as your work unless you have already added the fringe.  I made all the tiles, and them added them last to the fully complete box.

  • Cover your tiles with your collected scrapbook papers, embossed paper or cardstock etc., Mix up how you cover them.. i.e don't do two pieces of the same size the same, make one embossed the other paper, then when you put it together you will have the various papers dispersed across the entire frame, and wont get caught with all paper one side and embossed on the other.
  • Next, go around the edges with your inkpad and a sponge to soften them a little.  
  • Once you have made the tiles you can further embellish by adding bits of chipboard, flowers, buttons etc.,
  • If your shadowbox is dry, glue your beaded fringe along the bottom (the tiles will cover the ribbon edge)
  • Now lay out your tiles following the the numbered plan to fit them together.  Trim any down that need it and glue to your shadow box.. if you find you have miscalculated and there is a small gap anywhere... fill it with a line of glue and pop some seed beads into the gap.
Completing the Box

  • Take the remaining 7 3/4" piece, using the box as a template again, mark where the focal image needs to and glue down with gluestick.  Last step is to turn the shadow box to the back and run a line of glue around the inner and outer edges and gently, but firmly press your back down.
  • To make your "hanger" so it can go on the wall, take a scrap of acetate or cardstock about 1" x 2", punch a hole in the top for a hanger, and using a brad or strong glue, attach it the back top in the centre.
  • To finish off the box, run a line of glue around the top edge of all your strips and place the remaining 7 3/4" square on top, (make sure your image is right side up! and  press down firmly (but carefully vbg) for a minute or so till it grips.  You can add a couple of large rubber bands to keep it all tight and in place while it dries
now that the box is dry... take your tiles and glue them down on at a time... then its ready to hang! :-)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Name Badge Winner

Sorry for the delay here guys.. am about two weeks late... was surprised with a trip away from the kids and everything got put aside for a time...

We had comments from (so you went into the draw) from Susie, Robin, Jan, Danielle, Jane, Ellie, Jenxo, Sofie, Ester, Heavens2Betsy (?) and Sue.... all the names went into Random.org.... and the winner was.........

DANIELLE PITTS!! please contact us with your address Danielle and we will post the name badge to you....


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blog Giveaway

Sorry to all.. have been away for a few days.... we will draw the name badge winner tomorrow!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Project and Giveaway

This month is a name badge... for all those times when you attend a workshop, craft show, club meet and the like and need a name badge.  You will see unlike this one to the right,  the sample I was working on hasn't had the name added... I decided to do a giveaway of the badge, and will add the winners name and post it to them .... just leave a comment between now and April 30 and we will draw the winner and post a couple of days later.


  • assortment of scrap papers.. this is a good project to use up all those bits and pieces of paper left over from other projects
  • slide mount.. you can use a cardstock or plastic one. If using a plastic one you need acrylic paint to paint it. if using cardstock we will cover it with paper.
  • an image to fit your slidemount
  • dark brown ink and sponge (I used Ranger Distress Ink Tea Dye)
  • strong glue
  • glue stick
  • double sided tape
  • embellishments of your choice
  • pin back
  • jigsaw puzzle bits, painted and stamped
  • letter tiles, or letter beads or your name printed out.
  • ATC sized peice of strong box board (also known as chipboard) or mat board

Step One
cover the front of your box board with your preferred paper.  If using a cardstock slide mount also cover the slide mount.  If using a plastic slidemount, paint it with a coat of gesso, then a couple of coats of  acrylic paint.  Dont brush it on, dab it on.. being plastic the paint will move with brush strokes, just pounce and dab it on and set aside to dry.  If you havent covered a slidemount with paper before you can find the instructions HERE

Step Two
with your brown ink, sponge around the edge of the board back,  plus the outer and inner edge of your slidemount.

Step Three
place your image in the slidemount and secure with double sided tape.  You can also cut the image out and have it coming out of the slide mount. (see pic)
With this one I glued her in on the back at the bottom, and secured her at the top with mounting foam to give it more depth like she was really leaning out of the mount.

Step Four
using your strong glue, secure the slide mount to your paper covered board... let it extend a little off the edge to add a little more interest

Step Five
Take your painted and stamped jigsaw bits and glue them in the open area to the left of your slidemount.  
If you havent altered jigsaw bits before the tutorial is HERE
Angle them down like the are 'falling' across the cardboard. I have also added some black bling dots on the mount.. .eyelets or brads also look good here.

Step Six
Glue the name letters, tiles etc., to the top of the jigsaw bits. The font I used to make my own scrabble tiles in Tilez, and is available free from DaFont Here
Just print out your name, glue to cardstock and cut them out.. then attach with mounting tape to give them the thickness of a tile.  

Tuck (with a little more glue) some beads around the name tiles and jigsaw pieces. (This one has a painted slide mount with the edges done with a silver Krylon pen and a little silver embossing on the side).. now just add a pin back and wear with pride!

Thats it!  leave a comment on this post and we will draw the winner on April 30th.  Then just contact us with how you would like your name spelt and I will post it to you.  Would love to see what you all make too.. if you make one of these and upload it to your blog, please leave the link when you comment so we can enjoy it too.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Project

Hi Guys,

Its my turn (Bevlea) to put up a tute/project this month but its been hectic beyond belief so I am running a bit late.

We just hosted our Creative Soul Retreat for 2010 with tutors Susan Lenart Kazmer, Laurie Mika and Jan Harris out here in Australia for four days with around 70 students.. the work leading up to it was full on .. while the retreat was huge success we were all a little burnt out energy wise in the aftermath so I am running late here.

I will upload the new tute over the weekend....but in the meantime, check out our funtastic retreat at http://creativesoulretreat.blogspot.com/ we have some great slideshows there!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hard as it is to believe that it is March already, I have to say that I am glad to see the tail end of summer...the bane of my life...or life-style really. I find it hard to get creatively motivated...probably because my water-logged body is boiling and my brain is frying, so all my creative ideas and intentions just frizzle up and look like the inside of the saucepan I burnt the potatoes in last week!!

However, it is with great pleasure that I can announce that I AM BACK!... and after a few hiccups (and much scraping of the pan...vbg), have finally created something! Mind you, I had to toss out a lot of dust bunnies that had taken up residence in my studio (for want of a better name...vbg) and clear a space on my desk so I could begin to make another mess...but a creative mess at least!

And I thought I would totally shame
myself by showing you that mess!

Bevlea...don't look...you have
been ill enough lately!!! LOL

But, I digress..let's get back to
the reason for the mess....

   A Paper Art Doll ATC!

I do hope you will like this
Paper Art Doll  ATC
and have a go at making one...
you may enjoy it !....I did!!

Firstly, decide on a theme....this one is
an ART DECO theme, and I decided
on using images of that period's jewelery,
which I found on the web or in magazines.

Edit and prepare the images in a graphics
application, making sure that the torso
piece is exactly an ATC size.
The legs and arms also need to be no
longer than the actual ATC length
(3.5 inches), and the head must be an
appropriate size suitable for the size of the torso.

When finished, all of these
will be folded up behind the
torso to ensure the "ATC"
fits into the ATC pocket of a
9 pocket sleeve.

Adhere all pieces to a fairly
strong cardboard,
using a stronger one
for the torso.

When dry, cut out and
begin to embellish them.

Because I used jewelery images,
I decided to go with the BLING look,
using Kindy Glitz and diamantes,
making sure there were none in the
way of where the head, arms and
legs were to be attached to the torso.
When the Kindy Glitz was dry, I
assembled the doll using co-ordinating
coloured brads, then added hands and
feet using charms atached with jump-rings.

And a girl can't go anywhere
dressed in bling without her
make-up, so I made her face
 "shine" too!
Amazing what a little bit of
powder and paint can do!

(Actually, it is aqua and red Dimensional Gel Pens,
Kindy Glitz and a Beryl Prisma
Watercolour pencil...but don't tell her...vbg)

Mind you...she has plenty of attitude!
Before she would allow me to take her
photo, she insisted she had to have
MORE bling in the form of a head-dress
of silk flower petals.
She sure does look pretty now, doncha think?

Finally, I attached a hanger to her back so she could alternatively hang on the wall in all her glory..... as apposed to being shut up in the dark in a three
ring binder for the rest of her days!...vbg
The hanger I used is one that can be found on a lot of the packets of "stash"  that we buy heaps of...(and even on hubby's socks and undies packs too..vbg). It is clear acrylic, approximately 2 inches wide, has a "hanging hole" already there to utilise, and has a sticky back which is sooo sticky that even when peeled off the stash packet and stuck onto something to save it, remains sticky enough to allow her to hang safely. If you look carefully, you can see it in this photo.
BTW, the small pearls at the bottom edge are not actually on the doll...they are there to hold it in place for the photo-shoot.

So, there she is...easy as pie....and I would love to see YOURS when finished!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We Have A Winner!

Congrats to Juliet from http://ballpointbliss.blogspot.com/ who is the winner of our blog giveaway

thanks to all who entered and the comments you left!

Juliet... contact me privately with your address and I will post it...

Blog Giveaway

Sorry for the delay in drawing this.... will put the winner up in a couple of hours!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blog Giveaway

We have started the year a bit way behind schedule... seem to have dropped the ball in a big hole so to speak LOL.

We will be back on the 1st of  March with a new tute/project by Barb... but to get us started again now we are kicking off with a giveway.  Just leave a comment and we will draw a winner at random.

On offer is a collage pack of papers containing technical drawings, dictionary pages, pages in french, italian, russian etc., plus postage stamps, game cards, jigsaw bits and ATC blanks, PLUS a paint pack of watercolour paints and brushes.4" x 4" accordian book, Tin 12 coloured art pencils and a 5" x 7" canvas.  I will prob throw lots of other goodies into it before we draw it too :-)
go to it!

p.s look what I found..a pic of Barb taken around 1998!! (yep I am prob gonna get b**** slapped LOL)