Saturday, October 3, 2009

October - Fairy Garden Frame

Bit of a change of pace this month... a Fairy Garden  using  a stretched  canvas as the frame...

Its the swap on PaperArts next month, and I have the Grand Neice here for the weekend, so it was a good opportunity to make it and give one to her as a gift to take home.

  • ONE STRETCHED CANVAS needs to be the recessed type not flat.  One thing to bear in mind is the deeper the frame the more difficult to get your background paper in there.. I made a shallow depth 6 x 4 inch and a deeper 8 x 8 - the deeper one was a bit of a challenge on thicker paper lol
  • PRINTED IMAGES - I have added a zip file of images but you can use any.. for the great neice I actually added her head to one of the faeries...  It works best if you print your faeries and trees on stronger matt photo paper, and the background on regular copy paper. Scroll to bottom for download link of images
  • MOUNTING TAPE to give your images some depth

Step One:
    Paint the outer sides, inside edges and back of your canvas with your chosen acrylic colour.

    Step Two:
    While your canvas dries, cut out all your images, trees, fairies, butterflies etc.,  Be sure to cut out the white 'inner' bits on the trees and fairies, as well as go around all your edges with a dark marker.  This covers over the white cut edge on the thicker photo paper and gives you a much better appearance.

    Step Three:

    Cut out your background, add some glue to the white inner canvas area and push your background paper into it.  You have to roll it and push it in to go under the edges, dont just cut it to fit the centre or you will end up with a disconcerting white border all around your print...

    Step Four:

    Cut your tree down the centre and glue one half to each side of the frame

    Step Five:

    Add the fairies with a mixture of glue and mounting tape.. standing faerie is glued down, reclining faerie is attached with mounting tape.

    Add the butterflies with just a small square of mounting tape in the middle so the wings can be bent to sit up a bit.

    Your pack of images (trees, background, two fairies and a some butterflies) can be downloaded free from

    Ellah's Garden... This is the bigger 8 x 8 stretched canvas I used.

    I printed the tree out twice and cut it into a couple of clumps of leaves, adhered them with the mounting tape to give a bit of dimension to them and some more butterflies.

    Ellah is also added with mounting tape....dancing down the path to the faerie glen