Saturday, August 1, 2009


This month I have used a background technique that a lot of you already may know and use, but as there are always "newbies" to the field of PaperArts/ATC making, I hope it will be helpful to them.

I have also used one of my favourites subjects so here is the crow image I used that you can save to your computer and use yourself.

Don't forget ...there is a prize drawn from the list of those that take up the challenge of making art using this technique and leave a link as to where it can be found.


For this tutorial you will need the following...

Aluminium Foil, cut to ATC size.
ATC sized cardstock.
Black Matt Board, also ATC size.
Crow/Raven Image.
Alcohol Inks, either Pinata or Ranger.
Alcohol Ink Extender, brand matching Inks or "Isocol" rubbing Alcohol or Metho.
Fine spray bottle for extender - I used Ranger's.
Fine Embossing Powder - Silver preferably.
Clear Embossing INK, either "Ranger Big & Bossy" or "Versamark".
Chicken Wire Rubber stamp - Available from "Lost Coast Designs".
Heat Gun.
Egg shell- saved from your cooking day.
Black feather.
Golden's Acrylic Paints, Burnt Umber, Quiacridone/Nickel Azo Gold,& Micaceous Iron Oxide. (if you don't have "Golden" you can replace them with brands you have)
Krylon Gold Pen.
Ruler, fine blade paper scissors and sharp cutter.
Good strong adhesive.. I use "Welbond", available from "Bunnings" in Australia.


Cut out Crow image ,Sharpie the white edges and using the Gold Krylon pen, add a teeny dot as an eye for the crow.


Randomly drop the two colours of Alcohol Inks onto the foil and then spray with the extender to spread it around. You can employ the use of the heat gun to speed up the drying process but I found that it takes the depth out of the colours and causes a "bloom" which dulls it.


Add the crow to the foil, using a suitable adherent. I like to use Weldbond as it will adhere to almost everything. Allow to dry...using your heat gun to speed up the action.Then adhere the foil to cardstock to give it strength.

Stamp foil with crow on it and emboss with the fine embossing powder.


On the back of the black board, measure in 1cm (1/2") from each edge and rule lines to follow when cutting. Using a sharp blade, slice along lines thru' board. Remove and discard from centre.


Using the black Sharpie, cover both inside and outer white edges.

Coat frame with the Micaceous Iron Oxide (OR replacement paint of your choice)then when dry, dry brush on a small amount of Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold (OR your replacement paint of choice).This will give a rusty appearance to the Iron Oxide.

Distress Eggshell

Adhere frame to foil and add a feather and the crushed eggshell on top of it
Mix a very small dot of Burnt Umber paint with water and wash over the egg shell embellishment. Here you see the results of before and after.
I apologise for the bad images....the flash and foil didn't like each other.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and ask.