Monday, May 4, 2009


SUSIE !!! Susie's artwork is the left one of the images.Sheila did the other one.

Your name was drawn from a hat by my darling the nominated prize will be on it's way to you as soon as you send me your details.

Thanx heaps to both of you for participating in the both did well.

Friday, May 1, 2009

May Technique

Hi All,

Our May project of the slide accordion book is now up (below)... if you are playing this month, please to leave a comment here on this post - linking back to your blog so we can include you in the draw for the next prize of an e-pack of collage sheets. It helps us having all the comments in one spot and we wont miss your post if you are playing...

The images for this month to go with the book is a Music Sheet and the Grecian 'Muses' - available in PDF format ready to print (they are also included in the project printout so you dont need to download them twice

Love to see what you all do with this and look forward to your art candy and comments :-)

May - Accordian Slide Book with Credit Card Technique

This little book is made  incorporating the Credit Card Technique  and cardboard slide mounts cut on the Sizzix Die #38-1106. .. But you could also use any purchased slide mount and simply adapt the size. 

I need to state first up this is not my original design, it is based on a little book given to me some years ago and I adapted it to suit myself.  I have no idea who originally came up with the idea—so am unable to give them credit.

What you need......

· Cardboard slide mounts - you need an odd number - at least three but five or seven would work better if cutting your own you need sizzix red die # 38-1106

·Few sheets of copy paper (if you can get A3 you wont have to deal with a join in your piece later on - no biggie but its a bit easier for you further down the track.

· 3 colours of cheap acrylic craft paint - my personal favourites for this technique is a lt and dk of the same shade e.g. lt and dk green, lt & dk brown etc. Plus a gold such as Jo Sonja Rich Gold

· Water spray bottle (NOT a fine mister)

· Old credit card, store card or ATM card. Really needs to be a plastic card - cardstock cut to size wont work as well

· Brown and Gold ink pads

· One large printed serviette.. Soft floral or text/script print on it.

· Stamp  - something swirly or a collage type one.. It needs to be bigger than the  slide mount so you don't get a perfect full impression of the stamp on the mount

· One ATC blank (cut from stronger cardstock - needs to support your slides)

· Your printed images (I printed the ladies onto transparency but you could use paper)

· Baby wipes for cleanup

· Newspaper for your desktop

· Glue stick

· Double sided tape for transparency

· Pritt Power Glue or Weldbond

· Scissors

· Scalpel


· Swirly rub ons

· Gold Krylon Pen

· Some chipboard letters to spell out your ‘word’


Credit Card Tech

Cover your work surface with newspaper and lay down one sheet of the copy paper.  Get the credit card, water bottle and your paints ready.  

Place one sheet of paper handy for the discard of paint on your credit card.


Laying the Paint Down

Next lay a line of the darker coloured paint along the same top edge.  

This time you don't want a full line - you want some of the background showing through so you aren't going to completely cover the page.  Drag the paint across as you did with the first layer of paint. 

Next lay another layer of paint - but this time using the gold, across the edge and drag it across the entire page. 

You can drag harder in some parts to semi scrape it off and leave lines for effect - as it dries and while you work if you keep dragging here and there it adds more interest. (sorry the gold just doesn't photograph well)

Watery Blibs n Blobs

Now, straight away - spray the surface with the water bottle.  You want blibs and blobs of water but not huge patches of it.  This needs to be done straight away before the paint isn't totally dry. 

Now count the one potato, two potato, three potatoes till you get to twenty, then scrape the water off the same way you applied the paint. Wherever the water fell will come away giving you a lovely splotchy effect showing up the light colour you started with

Repeat these steps until you have 3-4 pages of paper and place all aside to dry.  If you are cutting your own slide mounts, do this while the paper is drying.   You need to cut these preferably from ‘chipboard' or strong cardboard.  If you don't have any of the thicker stuff you could glue two sheets of cardstock together and then cut them.  If you have purchased your slide mounts you can skip this step.

Stamping the Paper

When your papers are dry, take your brown ink pad and stamp and randomly stamp over the paper. Then take the gold ink pad and repeat the process. Bear in mind you are stamping twice so don't make your first layer of stamping too heavy.

Take two of your pages and cut them down into squares to fit the slide mounts.
If using the sizzix die they need to be 7cm x 7cm if you are using purchased slide mounts—just make them 4mm (¼”) bigger than the slide mount

Covering The Slides

Take your glue stick and glue each slide mount to the centre back of your pre-cut paper

Now fold each corner of the paper inward to the back so the point matched the inner centre corner (see pic) open the fold back up and cut along the fold line you just created. Fold each side back in and glue down

When they are all covered - go back to the first one and cut corner to corner on the diagonal across the inside. 

Snip the top edge of each triangle, (to ensure that the paper you are folding back isnt wider than the slide) fold back and glue down.  Do the same with all your slides.

Cover your ATC using same method.
Cut from one corner to the other across the centre of each slide mount. Snip the top one third of each point off so that when you fold and glue them down - they aren't wider than the slide mount edges.

Take the glue stick and glue down. Continue until all your slide mounts are covered.

Method 'A'

Place a piece of double sided tape at the back of each slide mount on the top and the bottom. Place your first slide over an image aligning it to your liking and press down onto the double sided tape. 

Now cut it off the sheet using scissors or scalpel. Trim the transparency back a little so its just a tad smaller than the slide mount. Repeat until all your slides have an image.

Print out the music note paper and using your glue stick glue a printed serviette over the music paper. The notes will still show through the serviette, but it mutes it down and gives depth to the background. I used one with soft writing and flowers on it but you can use any serviette that's ‘soft' and muted... don't go for sharp precise patterns...

Place your slide mount with image over the paper, choosing where you want to place it over the music etc so it works well with the faces.. You don't want big black music notes right over her face ;-)

Trace around the edge and cut out just inside the pencil line so your paper will be smaller than the outside edge of the mount. With strong glue such as Weldbond or Pritt Power Glue, run a fine line of the glue to the paper and adhere to back of slide mount. Repeat this procedure until all your slides are complete

Method 'B'

Take your chosen serviette and using glue stick, adhere to music paper

From the sheet of images, cut out one image for each slide mount.Don't forget to trim off all the inside bits from bent elbows etc.,  Take a dk brown pen, and working from the BACK go around all your cut out images so that there is no white edge showing.

Measure your slide mount and cut out your background ¼” smaller e.g. If your slide mount is 2”square - cut your background 1 ¾” square. With your glue stick adhere each image to your pre-cut background.

Run a fine line of Weldbond or Pritt Power Glue around the edges of your image/background and adhere to the slide mount.

Putting It All Together

Firstly you need to work out how long your accordion will be. .. To obtain the length of paper backing required you need to do the following (trust me I am maths challenged so its not hard vbg)

Multiply the width of your slide mount x the number of slide mounts plus 1/4" for each gap. You will have one less gap than your mounts—7 mounts = 6 gaps, 5 mounts = four gaps etc. 
So for example; 7 mounts of 2” wide each would be 2” x 7 slides = 14”+ ¼"  gap x 6 times = another 1½"  would make it  15 1/2" in total for 7 slides - add another couple of inches to allow for it becoming shorter as its folded - any excess can be trimmed off the ends when you are done
Taking the credit card paper you made—cut one piece the length you have determined and triple the height of your slide mount.  Fold this in half lengthwise (hot dog fold) and with the glue stick glue it together so the front and back are your credit card paper, raw white to the inside. If you used A3 one piece will be long enough but if you used A4 or ‘letter' size paper you need to join two pieces together overlapping them slightly - when joining you need to make it about 2” longer again so you can position the join under a slide mount.
When your paper is glued together trim the strip back at the cut edge so its the height of your slide mount plus 1/4" extra top and bottom (2 and half inches for a 2" slide mount) this will give you an nice edge at the bottom

Position the Slides

Butting the first slide up against the start of your painted strip of paper, position all your slides along the paper strip leaving ¼” between each slide to allow them to bend.

Secure their position with pegs till you have it set up right - then glue each of them down with the Weldbond or Pritt and allow to dry completely
When dry, crease the gaps between the mounts and fold into the accordion shape. The first slide front becomes your front cover which, due to the odd number, will give you a flat back on the last one.

Glue this flat back to the covered ATC. I glued mine on in landscape format so the booklet will sit nicely when open - but you could do portrait aspect if you like. Secure with a rubber band while it dries

Final Touches

All it needs now is a little embellishing you do this is up to you... I added some gold and black rub ons, plus diamantes for a bit of bling to it...I also then cut out the word 'cherish' using one of my cuttlebug alphabets (‘Who's the Boss) and coloured the letters with a gold Krylon pen before gluing one letter to each slide.

If you want to add a word you need a word with the same number of letters as your slides so that you have one letter on each slide...
Once you are finished with the embellishing you're done!