Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This bundle of art goodies will be sent out to the winner of the challenge draw.
So ladies..ya gottta be in it to win it ya know ...LOL

March Winner

I have put all the names of the players into the list randomiser and we have a winner!

Congratulations Fiona!!  I will email you your e-pack of collage papers etc. shortly.

Dont forget in April has a PHYSICAL POSTAL prize - (see above pic) so we will need your postal address if you are our winner (we will email you and ask you for it - no need to list it on your comment)


By Barb Thomas

Oh my!!! Can you believe it is April ALREADY!!!!...the months are just flying past and seem to do more so as I get older!

With that said, I guess I'd better hurry and get this month's challenge up so you can all get stuck into it...before the month slips away and May knocks on the door!

I have made up a Canvas Beeswax Collage using the following requirements.
The entire collage is done using ONLY BEESWAX as the adherant.

I have also added a pic of Harlequin paper that you can right click on and save to your pooter then print and use.
It will fit on A4 size paper or you can reduce it in Publisher or Word if you want smaller shapes.

Those of you that decide to take up the challenge, please let us know in the comments section that you have done so and place a pic of it on your Blog or site so we can all see your wonderful work.

On May 1st we shall draw out a name and the winner will receive a gift in the mail from me.


Canvas board ( I used a 25x20 cms (93/4 x 73/4 inches)

Chipboard Shapes-Hearts, Stars and a Frame, in 2 different sizes("Collections" Brand)

Co-ordinating paper scraps,either scrapbook sheets or magazine pages. I used both.
(you can use up Scrapping papers you no longer like as long as they co-ordinate.)

Eye image, large enough to fit into the chipboard frame.

Gold paper doily

Harlequin paper

White tissue paper with some gold pattern on it. I used one with cherubs on it.

Ranger Distress Inks (Co-ordinating with papers)

Sponge applicater

Sharpie pens (Co-ordinating with papers)

Beeswax block (or candles)

Clover Iron ( or heating tool of your choice. An old flat iron (no steam holes) will also work or, if you are lucky and have a mini iron, use it. Do not use a heat gun as it will only blow your papers around)

Black German Scrap Wings (optional)

You will aslo need scissors and a scalpel.

And.... last but not least... a pair of hubby's old Y-fronts (you will need to read ALL instructions to find out what these are for...vbg)


Here we have two papers for covering the chipboard stars and hearts, and a frame for the eye image. (I forgot to photograph it before adding the the eye image)

You will also need co-ordinating Distress Inks to distress the top edges of the shapes and Sharpie Pens to go round the actual edges of them as if left "raw" they will show up and spoil your work.


Here you see the CLOVER Iron tool and three choices of Beeswax.

Two are candles and the other is a block, which is more creamy coloured than the candles.


Using the Clover Iron , or your choice of melting tool, melt and spread wax over the entire canvas.

This doesn't have to be too thick, just ensure that there are no gaps.

You can see here that I used a yellowy coloured beeswax candle.. the colour wasn't a problem as the torn papers covered it all.


Arrange your papers in a pleasing mix onto the waxed canvas base.

Try not to have the same patterns next to each other.


Trying to leave the papers in the position you placed them, run the iron over each one, adding more drops of wax where, or if, necessary, until you have completely covered the waxed canvas base.


Place the tissue paper over the waxed paper collage and rub the hot iron over it to adhere it together, adding more wax if necessary. You really shouldn't need to melt wax ONTO the tissue paper...there should be enough come up thru it from the under papers.

However, if it doesn't appear to be sticking, melt a few drops of wax UNDER it and iron OVER the tissue again.

Because you will adding the hearts,stars and rays, there will be more wax to spread around to the top layer anyway.

As it dries, you will see how the tissue paper "dissolves" into the back-ground papers, leaving the gold images showing up nicely.

Trim off any over-hanging papers.


Cut the doily to fit into the bottom right corner, removing the solid bit from below the lacy part of the doily and wax-adhere it into position.
You can add the small stars to where the cut-out solid gold part of the doily was at this time too.


Using the Harlequin paper, or one of your choice, cut long triangular shapes and place them onto the collaged canvas in a position that will be lined up with the eye frame.

To ensure this will happen, place the frame onto the collage where you want it to be, then arrange the rays under it so their ends will be covered by the frame.

Carefully remove the frame and melt a drop of wax onto the bottom ends of each triangle to hold it in place while you fully wax-adhere them all.


Cover the large hearts with two different patterned papers, using the melted wax method.

To ensure they lay flat, lay one partially over the other and draw around it. Then using a scalpel, cut out the marked shape. Position and wax-adhere them in place.


Cover the frame and a star with your choice of paper... I used the Harlequin one to tie in with the emanating rays.

Adhere the Eye image to the frame with wax, then adhere the frame to the canvas and the star to the doily the same way.


I added black German Scrap wings to my text strip before adhering them with the wax to the hearts and the bottom of the frame surrounding the eye.

You may decide not to add text to your work... it is entirely a personal choice.


Here it is ...all finished. Unfortunately the photo doesn't do it justice because the scan makes the wax look milky, and the gold angels on the tissue paper do not show as gold.

Oh...!!! I nearly forgot what hubby's old Y-fronts were for!!! LOL. Use them to polish the finished collage when it is dry. This will remove the milky appearance and add a nice sheen to the work. (make sure you use his "fave" ones as they will be nice and soft.... LOL)

I will now sit back and look forward to seeing other artist's work based on my technique.