Friday, January 30, 2009

Peeled Paper Technique Players

Below is a slide show of the players for our first technique... and the winner of our first draw is ....drum roll........KLAARTJE!! CONGRATS!!

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thanx for Playing

Thank you to all those who have visited our blog, left comments and plan to join in the fun by making the technique and posting a link from their blog to ours.

On January 31st we will add a slideshow of everyones work on the Peeled Paper, put names of all those who joined in into a hat and draw it - winner announced here same day...the next day Feb 1st the second technique will go live.. (Feb will be by Barb Thomas)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Technique #1 - Peeled Paper

By Bevlea Ross


* 4 or 5 papers in various text types. e.g. dictionary pages, foreign text, crosswords, music, technical etc.,
* glue stick
* 7.5" x 5.5 inches of cardstock or chipboard (this will make one large card background or 4 ATCs)
* Distress inks in three complemtry colours (I used Spiced Marmalade, Shabby Shutters and Marigold)
* Sponge
* Masking Tape
* Bone Folder
* Paper Towels
* Water spray bottle (not a fine mister)
* Images and embellishments to finish your ATC
* Scissors/Trimmer

Step 1 - Papers

Choose a nice mix of papers

Step 2 - Rip

Take your papers and tear them into strips and squares.. random shapes you dont want them all the same.

Place each page in its own little pile.. dont mix them up.

Step 3 - Adhere

Take your Gluestick and begin glueing the papers down. Keep the straight edges to the outide edges of your cardstock. All edges to the 'inner' should be torn. Overlap as you work and use different texts beside each other - try not to have two the same close together.

Turn the papers so that they dont all run the same way - have them upside down, sideways etc.,

Step 4 - Mix It Up

Keep working around the board till you have done all the outside edges. If you find that you are forgetting to turn and twist the papers, give the board a turn to the right before you place each peice down, that way they will all be mixed up at the end

Step 5 - Add Some More

When you have completely done the outside fill in the centre... no straight edges at all now, they should be all torn edges. Once you have covered the whole cardstock, add a second layer in parts for extra depth.
Check that you have no large areas of the one text - if so place a smaller different one over it to break it up.

Step 6 - Masking Tape

Take your masking tape and tear it into strips.

Place this on your papers and burnish down firmly with a bone folder. (I have used the green painters tape here only for photographic purposes - you need proper masking tape)

Step 7 - Rip n Tear

Pull the tape up firmly and sharply tearing some of the text with it

Step 8 - Add Some Colour

Now take your distress ink pads and sponge and randomly sponge the colour across the surface

Step 9 - Spritz

When you are satisfied with the colour - take your water bottle and spritz ... not too wet or it will lift the glue.

Leave it sit for a few minutes and then blot off with paper towel exposing the paper and giving it a mottled look.

Step 10- Trim

Leave the paper to dry and then trim 1/4" off each edge giving you size of 7" x 5". Now trim down to four ATCs of 3.5" x 2.5".

Optional: at this point you can spray with Mica Sprays if desired.

NB: I forgot to add when I first posted this... that also at this stage you can stamp them with rubber stamps and/or emboss them using embossing powders.... both look terrific

Free Image 4 You

I have included the image I photoshopped here for you too... feel free to use it however you like