Monday, November 2, 2009

Stamp and Colour

After selecting the area you want to use as your finished background by placing the ATC frame template over it, stamp using your choice of stamp and colour ink. Then, using an Oil Pastel in a contrasting colour, scribble some shapes onto the stamped area. Rub with your "transdermal applicator" to smear it over the area.

Cut to ATC size and adhere to an ATC back, then add your images. Here is my finished ATC. Unfortunately the copper coloured stamping doesn't show up in the picture, but it is on the top right hand side.

I added a scrap of music sheet to the top and bottom of the ATC, distressed with Ranger Distress Ink, added eyes from a face out of a magazine and both sets of the wings are 3D mounted. I finished it off by adding the dots with a black Pitt Pen and some text, which is also distressed.

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  1. this is beautiful i love the effect it gives,tfs....


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