Monday, November 2, 2009

Outline Shapes

After rubbing with Brite Shine to your liking, if you can see shapes still on the paper, you can go around them with a glue pen. If there are no evident shapes, you can simply make some of your own anyway.
Here I was able to select the leaf shapes.
Let the glue dry completly, then rub over the entire area with an Oil Pastel and smear with your "transdermal applicator". Use a darker Pastel to go over the raised shapes. As you can see here, I also used the yellow to pick out some lighter areas.

This is the ATC I made using the above paper. Unfortunately you can't see the effect of the glue shapes. I found the mouth and the cake "hat" in a magazine, as well as the stripe strip and the star strip. The stripes are taken from the Puzzles area and the stars from the Psychic Advertising area of a Woman's Weekly. She is finished off with dots using a white Gel pen and some text.

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  1. am off to get some of that brite shine....what a fabulous technique...jenxo


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