Monday, November 2, 2009


My apologies folks...I am a little late in getting my tech tute up this has turned hectic here since I returned from over-seas and I have had to dig deep to find my muse...then put a tight rein on her to keep her with me...vbg.
However, I hope you find this month's tute worth having a could save heaps on buying those special papers with this technique!

This technique can be found in Bernie Berlin's Book "Artist Trading Card Workshop". However, I have done it a little differently on a couple of them.
The ATC on the left has the basic Brite Shine rubbed back-ground. The right one has been stamped and rubbed over with an Oil Pastel and on the lower one, I used a glue stick to select shapes AFTER I used the Brite Shine, where Bernie suggested to do it before-hand.

I was also going to do the Citra Clean technique as well as the Brite Shine one, but I have misplaced my bottle of same and our Woolworth's no longer stock it. Again, my apologies to those who were looking forward to seeing it done.


  1. Looks good Barb, I will try and find time to do this one

  2. Yep I am going to try and give this one a go but it wont be until later in the month. It does look really good and I love the brite shine challenge it is a favourtie of mine.

  3. Barb, I am so sorry. I didnt find time to do this tute............The joys of shifting etc.


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