Saturday, August 1, 2009


For this tutorial you will need the following...

Aluminium Foil, cut to ATC size.
ATC sized cardstock.
Black Matt Board, also ATC size.
Crow/Raven Image.
Alcohol Inks, either Pinata or Ranger.
Alcohol Ink Extender, brand matching Inks or "Isocol" rubbing Alcohol or Metho.
Fine spray bottle for extender - I used Ranger's.
Fine Embossing Powder - Silver preferably.
Clear Embossing INK, either "Ranger Big & Bossy" or "Versamark".
Chicken Wire Rubber stamp - Available from "Lost Coast Designs".
Heat Gun.
Egg shell- saved from your cooking day.
Black feather.
Golden's Acrylic Paints, Burnt Umber, Quiacridone/Nickel Azo Gold,& Micaceous Iron Oxide. (if you don't have "Golden" you can replace them with brands you have)
Krylon Gold Pen.
Ruler, fine blade paper scissors and sharp cutter.
Good strong adhesive.. I use "Welbond", available from "Bunnings" in Australia.


  1. Hi Barb,

    Please count me in for the August challenge. Love the ravens!

    Margaret Weiss

  2. This is a fantastic challenge and a wonderful tutorial. I would love to sign up but time is an issue for me this month. I will keep checking back as I'd love to sign up for your challenges in future. Best always - Marilyn


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