Monday, June 1, 2009

Cut Out Images

Cut out the image and wings. MOST IMPORTANTLY, don't forget to cut away any bits between the body and arms, or where ever else may need to be cut away. The lack of doing this can spoil the appearance of your entire ATC.
Using the matching felt-tipped pens, go around all the cut edges...and don't forget to do those inside bits where you cut away.

Then cut the gold German Scrap Sunburst in half, slice it as shown and slide it onto the head of the fairy, using a little glue to adhere it.

Add a piece of mounting tape to the back of her head and glue to the rest of her and place in position over the wings.
Using the felt pen, go around edge of ATC and text, then distress the inneredge of the card with the ink pad.

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