Friday, May 1, 2009

Watery Blibs n Blobs

Now, straight away - spray the surface with the water bottle.  You want blibs and blobs of water but not huge patches of it.  This needs to be done straight away before the paint isn't totally dry. 

Now count the one potato, two potato, three potatoes till you get to twenty, then scrape the water off the same way you applied the paint. Wherever the water fell will come away giving you a lovely splotchy effect showing up the light colour you started with

Repeat these steps until you have 3-4 pages of paper and place all aside to dry.  If you are cutting your own slide mounts, do this while the paper is drying.   You need to cut these preferably from ‘chipboard' or strong cardboard.  If you don't have any of the thicker stuff you could glue two sheets of cardstock together and then cut them.  If you have purchased your slide mounts you can skip this step.


  1. Really interesting stuff,have to try some of these when I get all my projects finished lol,lovely work !!

  2. Oh Barb I LOVE this! Am definitely going to have a go :) Thanks for introducing me to your blog, it's FAB!!


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