Friday, May 1, 2009

Method 'A'

Place a piece of double sided tape at the back of each slide mount on the top and the bottom. Place your first slide over an image aligning it to your liking and press down onto the double sided tape. 

Now cut it off the sheet using scissors or scalpel. Trim the transparency back a little so its just a tad smaller than the slide mount. Repeat until all your slides have an image.

Print out the music note paper and using your glue stick glue a printed serviette over the music paper. The notes will still show through the serviette, but it mutes it down and gives depth to the background. I used one with soft writing and flowers on it but you can use any serviette that's ‘soft' and muted... don't go for sharp precise patterns...

Place your slide mount with image over the paper, choosing where you want to place it over the music etc so it works well with the faces.. You don't want big black music notes right over her face ;-)

Trace around the edge and cut out just inside the pencil line so your paper will be smaller than the outside edge of the mount. With strong glue such as Weldbond or Pritt Power Glue, run a fine line of the glue to the paper and adhere to back of slide mount. Repeat this procedure until all your slides are complete

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