Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Place the tissue paper over the waxed paper collage and rub the hot iron over it to adhere it together, adding more wax if necessary. You really shouldn't need to melt wax ONTO the tissue paper...there should be enough come up thru it from the under papers.

However, if it doesn't appear to be sticking, melt a few drops of wax UNDER it and iron OVER the tissue again.

Because you will adding the hearts,stars and rays, there will be more wax to spread around to the top layer anyway.

As it dries, you will see how the tissue paper "dissolves" into the back-ground papers, leaving the gold images showing up nicely.

Trim off any over-hanging papers.


  1. I just discovered this site a couple of days ago. It looks great and I am always anxious to learn new techniques. The projects are awesome. I am anxious to try the ones posted.

    Two questions--Anything special about the tissue paper we should choose? Should it be plain except for metallic designs?
    And-Does the final product need to be completely covered in beeswax or does it seep up through the layers for the final sheen? I have never used it before.

  2. Thank you for your great comment and for taking the time to call in on us...hope to see you here again.


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