Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Project - Altered Jigsaw Puzzle Pin

By Bevlea Ross

This month is an altered jigsaw puzzle piece.I  made mine from a piece of a child's jigsaw puzzle (because the pieces are a lot larger than 'grownup' jigsaw puzzle pieces), but you could also use the commercially available blank chipboard puzzle bits.

I added a pin on the back to wear as a brooch - but it could also be a fridge magnet if you added one of the heavier magnets (not the flat sort)

These make great gifts as you can make a batch of them up at once and have them handy for unexpected occasions - as well as using up odd bits and peices and beads etc., that you only have one or a few of....

  • Child's jigsaw puzzle bits (you can usually pick these up cheap in the Oppies... (Thrift shops)  
  • 2-3 acrylic paints (I like Lumiere  but you can use any paint)
  • 1/2" Flat brush
  • Black Ink pad (doesnt matter if its dye or solvent ink)
  • Collage type Rubber Stamp
  • Beading wire in a colour to match your paint
  • Jump Rings
  • Charms
  • Beads
  • Pin back or magnet
  • Micro Beads
  • Dimensional Magic
  • Strong Glue
  • Darning Needle
  • Needle nose pliers


  1. Thank you for the tutorial. It's very inspirational. I like your pieces a lot. I'm going to give it a try.

  2. Hi there, here is my try at this challenge. I hope its ok
    Hugs June x


  3. thank you for sharing these. They are beautiful. I have yet to attempt altering jig saw pieces!

  4. They are great. Different and very clever, you.

  5. I think these are such fun and I have made one here:

    Thanks for such detailed instructions - they are so helpful and I have been happily participating and trying to encourage others to follow suit. =)

  6. thankx ladies for the inspiration. i've only done a couple of altered puzzle pieces and it was great to try a new technique. my piece is on my blog.

  7. Wow, I have never seen such beautiful puzzle pieces of art, just wonderful! This is something I have not tried yet.
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog today it is really appreciated.

  8. Sorry to post again, I didn't realise at first this was a challenge blog and a monthly one at that. Hopefully I can find a childs puzzle at the thrift shop and give this a try :) Thank you too for the pdf file of your step by step instructions :)

  9. Hi,

    Here is my entry for this month:

    click here

  10. beautiful pieces ladies
    mine is on my blog
    (oopps..posted in the wrong spot again!)

  11. Great theme - mine are on my blog here

  12. Great project, easy instructions and fun to make. Mine are on my blog...

  13. Thanks so much for your monthly challenges and the detailed step-by-step instructions in pdf! You make it so easy to follow. I tried altering a jigsaw puzzle piece and mine is posted on my blog.

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog!


  14. I hope you don't mind but I did another piece and posted it to my blog under the same entry as the other piece! I used an embossing folder and ran it through the Big Shot and it turned out so cool that I had to share!! I am having so much fun....thanks again for the inspiration and great blog!!!!


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