Sunday, March 1, 2009

Step Eleven

Some things I like to do:

  1. Wind the wire around a couple of times and on the last pass add a bead.
  2. Thread some seed beads onto beading wire and add them across a corner
  3. Wind some wire around a darning needle to create a coil, then thread some beads onto the straight end, add to the puzzle peice and send your wire ends to the back
I have used one long peice here..

I did the coil,  taped the wire to the back (coil end) with some masking tape, added the beads, passed it to the back, wound it a couple of times around the right hand top corner, added another bead, wound it to the back again, came out on the other side, threaded some seed beads on and went to the back again.  Then I lifted the making tape off, twisted the two ends of the wire together with the needle nose pliers and added some fresh tape over the ends so that it wouldnt catch on clothing.

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