Sunday, March 1, 2009

Step Nine

Next, take your dimensional magic and go all around the edges, then fill in the middle.

You can use a glossy varnish but the dimensional magic does look a lot better.  One of the good things about the Dimensional Magic is it stays exactly where you put it.. doesnt run over the edges like varnish would and doesnt clog up your holes, but sits nicely on top.

NOTE:  Never shake Dimensional Magic.. that will puts little bubbles in it that are hard to get rid of.  If you do get a bigger air bubble when you are using it pop it with a pin.

TIP: I have two bottles of Dimensional Magic on the go at a time.. one of them I have snipped the top down a little to allow it to flow faster, I have marked the bottle with an * so I know its the bigger opening and use this for bigger jobs like this.

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