Sunday, March 1, 2009


When I had added beads, wire etc., to all my peices, I added a few micro beads here and there (with Dimensional Magic as a glue).

When your beads are dry, hang the charms off the peices with a jump ring.

And finally... with good strong glue (I use Weldbond its brilliant) glue the pin or magnet to the back of your peices, as high up as you can position it.

Tip:  open the jump rings with your needle nose pliers by twisting the ends apart, one end towards you, one end away from you.  Never PULL them apart.  They will close up much neater if you just twist them apart.  Once they are pulled apart with a gap in the centre, its hard to keep them round.


  1. Cool, I love jigsaw pieces & have heaps, haven't altered any for a while. Thanks for the inspiration.

    When I find my quiltie, I will send it to you....she ran away!!!!

  2. wow ~ those peieces are just scrumptious! thankx for the inspiration ~ and challenge..i'm definitley gonna work on this

  3. Beautiful puzzle pieces Willy! I use to do a lot of altered puzzle pieces in a puzzle group I belonged to and seeing yours made me remember how much fun it was, you've inspired me again.
    Here's a link to the ones I did
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment.
    Happy Creating!

  4. Wow....You are so creative!

    Wonderful Blog!
    Thanks for sharing!



  5. I loved this challenge as I love puzzle pieces!
    Here's my entry.

  6. I made a piece which you can find here:
    I made it as a pin. Thanks for a great challenge!

  7. Hi and what stunning pieces - mine are on my blog

  8. Lovely pieces Bevlea, Love the colors.
    Mine is on my blog. Albeit a little dark, needs some new scanning efforts which I will do.


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