Sunday, February 1, 2009


If you are adding wadding to your work, layer it between the interfacing-backed fabric front and back,using Vliesofix to adhere to each other and to stop movement whilst sewing.

To avoid marking and messing up your iron and ironing board, use a Teflon Applique mat between the fabric and the board and iron.

Set your iron to high heat and place the layered fabrics onto half of the Teflon mat and fold the rest of the mat over them, like a sandwich, so that both your ironing board and the iron are protected from the melting Vliesofix.

You should have....

A layer of fabric.(the back)
A layer of Vliesofix.
A layer of interfacing.
A layer of Vliesofix.
A layer of wadding
A layer of Vliesofix
A layer of interfacing
A layer of Vliesofix.
A layer of fabric.(the front)

If you are using either Pelon or interfacing, you may choose whether to use Vliesofix or not in-between the layers of it and the fabric. However,it does help to hold the layers in position when sewing.

If not using wadding, you should have...

A layer of fabric(the back)
A layer of Vliesofix
A layer of Interfacing
A layer of Vliesofix
A layer of fabric (the front)

If you choose NOT to use Vliesofix, pin and/or baste the layers together to make it easier to add the rest of the items.

After layering materials, measure your work and if necessary, trim off any excess fabric,interfacing or wadding, making the edges nice and straight.

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