Monday, February 2, 2009


By Barb Thomas

*Image printed or transferred on fabric.

*Two pieces of co-ordinating fabrics, 5" X 7"

*Heavy weight interfacing or Pelon ,5" X 7"

*Medium weight wadding (optional)

*2 OR 4 pieces of Vliesofix or Heat'nBond", 5" X 7" (optional if using wadding)

*Lace,Lace motifs,beads,ribbons,braids etc

*Beading thread and needles.

*Sewing tools (needles,pins,scissors etc.)

*Teflon Applique Sheet (optional but handy)

*Iron (use dry)

*Jaquard Fabric Inkjet Printing Sheet
*White fabric ironed onto Freezer Paper and cut to size suitable to go thru' you printer
*A TRANSFERRED image onto plain fabric using your preferred medium

*It would be possible to use T-Shirt Transfer paper for this too.


  1. Ooooh, this one is going to stretch me outside my comfort zone quite a bit ... I'm a paper person. I do have iron-on-transfer paper that goes through the printer and then I iron onto fabric ... I guess I can use this, just another way to transfer an image onto fabric I guess. Also is Vliesofix the same as heat & bond that you buy over the counter in Spotlight (Australia)?

  2. Yes Di..."Heat & Bond" is the same sort of thing...sorry...I may be showing my age ...vbg

    Yes, I can't see why the Iron on Transfer Paper wouldn't work...especially if it is the one used for T-Shirts.

    Thanx for looking and enjoy the stretch...LOL

  3. Great tute Barb! and gorgeous image. if I should want to enter the challenge on your blog am I to use this image?

  4. Oh no another thing to try!! this is so gorgeous!! sigh... fabulous tutorial and great photos. Mx

  5. Mary, it would be great to see you participate in this challenge, seeing as it's right up your alley with the fabric.

  6. Fantastic new theme.
    Here is my fabric art, thanks for looking.

    My fabric quiltie

  7. Love your sample Barb and thanks for the free image.
    I must do this one earlier than last months.

  8. Hi,
    here is my entry:
    Just recently made this one and its fits perfectly within this months theme.
    Warm regards Hermine

  9. Superb work on this its absolutely gorgeous
    Hugs June x

  10. fabulous tutorial! i've completed mine ~ whohoo! didn't think i could do this challenge! i've posted it on my blog ~ thankx for the inspiration


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