Thursday, January 1, 2009

Technique #1 - Peeled Paper

By Bevlea Ross


* 4 or 5 papers in various text types. e.g. dictionary pages, foreign text, crosswords, music, technical etc.,
* glue stick
* 7.5" x 5.5 inches of cardstock or chipboard (this will make one large card background or 4 ATCs)
* Distress inks in three complemtry colours (I used Spiced Marmalade, Shabby Shutters and Marigold)
* Sponge
* Masking Tape
* Bone Folder
* Paper Towels
* Water spray bottle (not a fine mister)
* Images and embellishments to finish your ATC
* Scissors/Trimmer


  1. Oops, I posted my comment under "11 - Free Image" instead of here ... sorry. Here it is again.

    I have used the peeled paper technique on an ATC due for another swap and have posted on my blog- . I've used paints instead inks on the background and it's a little difficult to see the peeled paper through it because I used glaze paints that seem to reflect. If I get a chance I'll have another go and post again. This is going to be fun.

  2. This rocks! I'm sending you a subliminal message: "you must trade with need to trade with Kathy!" LOL!!

  3. LOL... happy to swap with you anytime you like Kathy...thanx for the nice feedback

  4. Hi,
    Thank you for this awesome tutorial. My entry is on my blog:
    Warm regards Hermine

  5. Wow! I will sure come back and add a card! This is surely a blog I like!

  6. Fabulous work on this one
    Hugs June x

  7. Great tutorial! my entry is on my blog here

  8. Great blogg, love your tutorial, looking foreard to follow your blogg!!

  9. What a great starter... I'll be back when I've made my ATCs. And BTW, that's a pretty fine tutorial - I like it very much! TFS!

  10. I thought I had commented but maybe it was in my dreams!!!! I have uploaded my effort to my blog.
    Anne S

  11. Wow! Have found your blog via Hanne. Great tutorial thank you - I will try to come back with a card

  12. This was great fun! I made a picture:

    Here it is:

  13. Great tutorial! I can't wait to get my kids to school and my hubby to work som I can try it out! Thanks for the free image as well. Love it!
    Put a link to you on my blog.

    http://snuppeline.blogspot com

  14. I'm back with an entry which is on my blog. Thanks again for a great tutorial

  15. This is fantastic tutorial.
    Here is my entry, thanks for looking.

    Car ATC

  16. I just loved this tecnique!
    My "Simply me"-atc is here

  17. GREAT technique.
    We loved to do this.
    Here you can see my cards:

  18. I stumbled on here quite by chance...How lucky is that ! brilliant technique and I cant wait to try it. Thanks for the image as well x
    See you again when I've had a play !

  19. oopps..i post in the wrong spot..reposting here!
    fabulous tutorial ~ thankx so much for the inspiration ~ i did up an ATC using this technique ~ it's on my blog

  20. Thanks for showing us a fabulous technique. I love it!!
    My tag is here:

  21. This is great technique. I used the technique on a collage I created here:

  22. I loved this technique and I hope I'm not too late! I made them the day I found your blog... but had to finish the ATCs first!!
    Keep up the great work and I look forward to February!!

  23. This was my first attempt at the peeled paper technique and I'll definitely try it again, thanks for the inspiration! I made a postcard using the technique as my background and you can see it here...


  24. Great to do! You can see my card here:

  25. This is probably too late, but I used the technique for my collaged images in a frame I metal embossed...thought I posted a link to it a couple days ago, but it must not have gone thru. Here it is anyway.

  26. i hope i am not too late, but here is my entry for the peeled paper technique.
    thanks foor showing us en give us the chance!

  27. Boohoo I posted a link to me blog and it no showed. I did I did
    it was on the 26th Jan.

  28. Ahhhhhhh
    I posted a comment on 26th Jan. I did I did and it hasnt showed, but did show in the preview ahhhhh I know not what happened.

  29. LOL.. preview just preveiws it glenda.. after you have dont that you need to click post comment


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